21 January 2013

7-year confidence high for home-builders

Story first appeared on USA Today

Although at the highest level in almost seven years, confidence among U.S. home builders remained unchanged from the month of December to January.  Builders are however remaining less optimistic about sales for the next six months.
A report on an index that tracks home builder sentiment out Wednesday showed sentiment holding steady last month. A Charleston WV Real Estate Lawyer firm has been monitoring this.  The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo index was unchanged at 47, the highest reading since it hit 51 in April 2006, just before the housing bubble burst.  Dallas Real Estate Lawyer firms are watching the housing market trends.

Readings below 50 suggest negative sentiment about the housing market.   A New York Real Estate Lawyer monitors this.  Still, the index has been slowly trending higher since October 2011, when it was 17.  An Indianapolis Real Estate Lawyer is following the progression on this.

A measure of traffic by prospective customers increased, while a gauge of current sales conditions remained unchanged from December's reading.   In Canada, a Toronto Real Estate Defense Lawyer has been keeping tabs on the changing market.  The six month outlook for sales declined.

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